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You might be ready to jump right in to Manifesting Masterclass, a 30-day online program that will turn you into a manifesting machine so you can manifest whatever you want, whenever you want!

For the next 45 minutes, you can enroll for $500-$600 off the regular price! And no, this is not a typo.

(P.S. Your Manifesting Cheat Sheet is on it’s way to you via email. Yay!)

Watch this video to see how I transformed my life with manifesting and how you can too!

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Picture this…

Imagine what it would feel like if you could manifest all the things you’ve been dreaming of…

And by manifest, I basically mean, THINK things into existence. INVITE them into your life using your good vibes. FOCUS them into being real.

Imagine how different (**cough cough - IMPROVED) your life would be.

Instead of having to try SO hard to make everything happen on your own, you would simply get clear about what you wanted and then attract it into your life. #winning

What dream would you choose to manifest if in a month from now you had mastered this invaluable life skill?

Would you manifest…

an awesome relationship so you can live happily ever after with the love of your life?

that beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of?

enough money to last you three lifetimes?

Whatever it is you’re after, I can teach you how to make it your reality in the funnest and easiest way possible. (Really, it’s what I do.)

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Manifesting Masterclass

The 30-Day Digital Program That Will Turn You into a Manifesting Machine!

Manifesting Masterclass Mockup


+ 5 Mini Quizes
+ 5 Manifesting Modules
+ Over 30 Bite Size Video Lessons
+ Thousands of Dollars in BONUSES!
+ "Certificate of Awesomeness" Upon Completion
+ Lifetime Access to the Course
+ Instant Access to Everything
as Soon as You Enroll!

What you’ll learn inside the course…


Module 1: Manifesting 101

The first step is to get your knowledge of the basics down so you can have a solid foundation going in to the rest of the course! Here is where you'll learn everything you need to know to be able to succeed with the Law of Attraction.

In this manifesting module you’ll learn…

  • how powerful you are

  • all about manifesting and the Law of Attraction

  • some common misconceptions to avoid

  • All about energy and your emotions

Manifesting Masterclass Module 1

Module 2: Set yourself up for manifesting success

Before you can manifest all your wonderful desires you have to start raising your vibration, aka feeling better. This is the module where you will do just that so you can start feeling good and manifesting with ease.

In this manifesting module you’ll learn…

  • how to raise your vibration through the roof

  • how to reprogram your mind for success

  • actionable exercises for feeling good (like gratitude, forgiveness, meditation, etc...)

Manifesting Masterclass Module 2

Module 3: ask and it is given

It's time to dive deep and start manifesting some cooooool sh*t! Here is where you're gonna get clear about what you want and start to manifest it with fun games and exercises.

In this manifesting module you’ll learn…

  • all the different ways you can (successfully) play with the law of attraction to get real results

  • how to utilize and master all the most effective tools for manifesting (such as vision boards, journaling, feng-shui, and more...)

Manifesting Masterclass Module 3

Module 4: the art of allowing

(AKA "How to Remove Blockages and RECEIVE with Grace!")
This is where most people get stuck in their manifesting journey. They constantly ask for what they want, they do all the right vision boards, and meditations, yet nothing… Why? Because they haven’t mastered the art of allowing, which is really the key to manifesting. That’s why this module teaches you exactly what to do (and what not to do), to allow your manifesting to come into full existence.

In this manifesting module you’ll learn…

  • how to feel worthy to receive beyond your wildest dreams

  • the art of allowing 

  • how to become a vibrational match to anything you could ever want (This is the true key to manifesting!)

Manifesting Masterclass Module 4

Module 5: Master the art of manifesting

I’ve learned a TON about manifesting in the last few years, from all kinds of books, courses, workshops, and my personal favorite: trial and error. You don’t need to go to such great lengths to learn how to master the art of manifestation, because all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way are in this module. This is what will really set you apart and get you manifesting faster than ever.

In this manifesting module you’ll learn…

  • how to quickly manifest what you want every time

Manifesting Masterclass Module 5

YAY for $7,668 in bonuses!

Course enrollment also includes all these goodies!

Manifesting Masterclass Bonuses

+A Digital Copy of My Book #ActuallyICan

($29 Value)

#ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness is, you guessed it, a positive affirmation guide. Not only will it be a great tool to help you on your manifesting journey, but the content in the book alone is like it's own mini course that will train you to focus positively when it comes to your health, finances, relationships, confidence, and more!

+ Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Group

($2,000 Value)

When you buy now you'll get access to the exclusive Facebook Group where you can directly ask me and all the interviewed experts your personal manifesting questions and make friends with other like-minded students! I'll also be hosting frequent Facebook Live workshops here so you can feel supported and inspired along the way.

+ 5 Manifesting Interviews with Spiritual Experts

($5,000 Value)

In addition to the course content, you'll also get five pre-recorded bonus interviews with awesome spiritual teachers, coaches, and guides so you can learn about some helpful and supportive subtopics of manifesting. These experts are the real deal and will help you take your manifesting skills to the next level so you can become a super attractor!

+ 8 Hypnosis Audios to Program You for Success

($144 Value)

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for re-writing limiting beliefs and programming the subconscious mind for success! With these 8 super valuable recordings that you can listen to on a daily basis, it will be impossible for you not to succeed.

+ A Meditation Success Toolkit

($495 Value)

Meditation can seen hard. This toolkit makes it easy. You get a handful of super easy guided meditations you can follow along to plus a few PDF's with my favorite songs to meditate to and other guided meditations I love from the web.


Dreams are coming true!

Manifesting Masterclass Testimonial

Gabe - Long Beach, CA

"Since learning how to manifest I have manifested more career opportunities than I can handle! My dream is to be a famous footwear designer so I have been focusing on manifesting career opportunities. So far I’ve manifested being on a reality TV show competition, a $100,000 scholarship to a prestigious shoe design academy, winning 16th place in a worldwide sneaker design competition, an opportunity to be an intern at ADIDAS and the opportunity to be an intern for the famous Shoe Surgeon here in Los Angeles! All of this has manifested in a short 6 months since taking the course!" 

Manifesting Masterclass Testimonial (1)

Sabrina - San Diego, CA

"I did everything I learned in Manifesting Masterclass… AND IT WORKED! I really wanted to manifest a romantic partnership and lots of travel so I journaled about it, spoke about it, "feng shuied" my room… everything. Ever since putting these intentions into place they have ALL manifested! I finally met the love of my life while on a volunteer trip to Guatemala and we have been happily traveling around the U.S. together ever since. He’s taken me to North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida so far… Thank you for teaching me this invaluable life skill!"

Manifesting Masterclass Testimonial 3

Sara - Houston, TX

"This information was the first stepping stone to my complete life transformation and I just wanted to full-heartedly THANK YOU!! I too was suffering from depression and it just seemed to keep getting worse… You saved me from myself! Life seems magical, depression is completely gone, I've lost 40 lbs in only a few months! So, I just really wanted you to know that I absolutely love what you are doing! You have inspired/helped/changed/freed me!"


Enroll before the timer runs out to save over $500!!


3 Payments

Regular Price $399 x3

Your Price $199 x 3

Save $600 when you enroll today! You get to start manifesting for just $199!

Pay in Full

Regular Price $999

Your Price $499

Save $500 when you enroll today! You save an EXTRA $98 by paying in full!


(More) Dreams are coming true!

Manifesting Masterclass Review Testimonial

Jose - Los Angeles, CA

“If you’re looking to invest in Manifesting Masterclass, I highly recommend that you do because just within the first 24 hours of enrolling I manifested more clients for my business! And not only that, I was also able to manifest my office. I was just mind-blown… If you want more out of life, you want to have more freedom and control of it, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity because it helped me tremendously.”

Student Testimonial Review Manifesting Masterclass

Emily - San Diego, CA

“Just a few months back I was in a deep depression and was someone who struggled with an anxiety disorder all my life… (Now) I feel like a different person! I’m much more positive, more thankful, and my relationships are so much better. People are even noticing that I’m happier… Manifesting Masterclass is working wonders for me.” 

Manifesting Masterclass Testimonial Review by Student

Colleen - Detroit, MI

“Today I won tickets to see Lady Gaga. I’m not going to say I was lucky. I did some manifestation work. A month ago I started thinking about how wonderful it would feel to win tickets to see her… I started telling people how much I wanted to win… And today, on the FIRST DAY of the Lady Gage (radio station) giveaway, I won… This is literally a dream come true. Shoutout to Kelsey Aida for inspiring me!”

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My Manifesting Success Story

I've personally used the teachings of the Manifesting Masterclass to manifest all the awesome things in my life. From huge life-impactors like the love of my life, to the little everyday things like free ice cream (YAY!).

I've got manifesting down to such an art that my friends and family call me a witch. I get everything I want in life, all because I understand how to get the Universe on my side and use the Law of Attraction to manifest all the goods!

It's funny to think that just a few years ago I was suffering from dysthymia depression and now I'm one of the happiest people I know. I guess it just goes to show that if I can manifest a freaking amazing life, you can too.

Because the truth is I’m not special. I’m not some wizard (although it does feel like it sometimes). I’m just a regular person, like you, who learned how the laws of life work and now I can use them to my advantage. That’s what I call “winning” at life!

And now that I’m winning, I want to teach you how to too! Because everyone deserves to live their best life, especially you.

Manifesting Course Thumbs Up

Manifesting Masterclass is Perfect for you if...

  • you're new to manifesting and want to learn how to do it right the first time

  • you've been trying to get the Law of Attraction on your side for a while now and it hasn't been working

  • you want to start owning your power and winning at life

  • you're tired of trying so hard to make everything happen

  • you want to manifest an awesome relationship, more money, better health, a new home, a new car, happiness... you name it!

  • you're ready to make 2018 your best year yet

  • you like the idea of being the creator of your own reality

Manifesting Course Thumbs Down

Manifesting Masterclass is NOT for you if...

  • you Don't like change

  • you're closed-minded

  • you're not serious about creating a better life for yourself

  • you're not willing to dedicate 20 minutes a day to creating an awesome life

  • if you're looking for a push-button magic solution to all your problems

  • you're not willing to be uncomfortable at times as you grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally


Watch these Student Success Stories!

A few things our students have been manifesting lately...


+ more business opportunities

+ brand new office spaces

+ great parking spots (every time)

+ career advancements

+ getting the lead in a play

+ higher grades

+ overall happiness

+ winning tennis matches

+ brand new cars

+ free tickets to concerts

+ the love of their life

+ international travel

+ crazy cool "coincidences"

+ more money


So how much does Manifesting Masterclass cost?

Hint: It’s less than your everyday Starbucks run!

For a course of this value I could easily charge a few thousand dollars. I mean, wouldn't you pay a couple grand to learn how to manifest ANYTHING you could ever want?! Heck, you could take that small investment and use it manifest $1,000,000 if you wanted to! BUT I'm not going to charge thousands of dollars.

Why? Because I want as many people as possible to step into their power and I don't want money to be the deciding factor. So for that reason, Manifesting Masterclass normally costs $999. BUT you have until the timer at the top of this page runs out to enroll for $500 off! Which means you can enroll, right now, for just $499!

This comes out to less than $1.36 a day (for a year)! This literally costs less than your everyday Starbucks run people!

Enroll before the timer runs out to save over $500!!


3 Payments

Regular Price $399 x3

Your Price $199 x 3

Save $600 when you enroll today! You get to start manifesting for just $199!

Pay in Full

Regular Price $999

Your Price $499

Save $500 when you enroll today! You save an EXTRA $98 by paying in full!

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Manifesting Masterclass Guarantee

My promise to you…

It’s my promise to you that Manifesting Masterclass will give you the tools you need to create a life that you love. And if by day 7 after enrollment you’re not feeling that, you will get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. AND, as a gift from me to you, you can still keep all the bonuses! You’ve literally got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ When does this course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Most people get through the course in about a month or so.

+ How long do I have access to the course for?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are not super stoked with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund, plus you can keep all the bonuses.

+ How is the product delivered?

Manifesting Masterclass is an online course that is hosted on Teachable.com, a platform for online courses. When you enroll, you create a Teachable username and login to become a student and then you have instant online access to the course.

+ How much time will this course take to complete?

Since you can take Manifesting Masterclass at your own pace it can take you as little or as long as you would like. If you watch one video lesson a day (5-20 min) it will take you about a month to complete.

+ Why is the creator of this product qualified to teach me how to manifest?

Kelsey Aida is an inspirational blogger and author. Her main focus is to teach people how to own their power and win at life. She's already inspired over 10,000 to take inspired action to better their lives through spirituality, metaphysics, positive psychology and so on. Because she's been through the ringer and back, her life experience is what qualifies her to teach others aboout life.


You’ve never been more ready

Your soul is SO ready for this change and is 100% on board with this. After all, you came here with the intention of creating a super badass life.

But consciously you might still feel like…

you don’t know where to start.
(Don’t worry, I’ll break everything down for you.)

manifesting has never really worked for you in the past.
(Uh, that’s only because you didn’t have me as your teacher!)

it seems too good to be true.
(Trust me, it’s not!)

now is not the right time.
(Now is the ONLY time! “Someday” is not a day of the week.)

That’s where Manifesting Masterclass comes in!

Blue Background (optimized).jpg

Stop hoping the things you want will come your way and start manifesting today!

It’s time for you to become the creator of your own reality.

Start living in your power, with more intention, clarity, and happiness than ever before.

You’re ready to embark on this awesome journey and I’m ready to help you through it.

So, what do you say? (Pssst! Always say “YES!” to your dreams.)